03-01-19 is a video diary which culminates hours of footage from three significant road trips that we–filmmaker and photographer friends–took throughout the first half of this year. During which we covered most of the west coast, first traversing the lateral borders of Washington, then later Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada.

I never know what I want to do when I have my camera with me. Sometimes we consider making a road movie like The Rain People, but entirely improvised, or sometimes I think about doing an experimental nature documentary or a music video or a “tone poem”. In this case, I really just wanted to capture the atmosphere as it was, as truly as I could. Something that would feel like a look back in time for my hypothetical children. A video that resonates with me in the same way that my parents childhood home movies do.
I set the footage aside and, months after the trips themselves, assembled the clips in a way that, as closely as possible, resembled my recollection of the trips. I wanted to create this in the way that I remember it; Disregarding conventional temporally-accurate journalistic form. In the end it resulted in a nicely idiosyncratic mix of contrast and repetition. Some sort of tonal, personal, experimental anti-vlog, doc thing.
Henry Chastain, 2019.